• I think I've been charged twice?
    If you're seeing more than one FREE NOW entry on your bank statement relating to a recent trip, rest assured it's unlikely you've been double charged. Instead, one of the entries is likely to be a ... View full article
  • I think I've been charged for a FREE NOW trip I didn't take
    We're sorry to hear you've been charged for a trip you didn't take. There could be a couple of reasons as to why this has happened. Please read through all cases, or jump straight to the situation ... View full article
  • I don't understand the price I've paid
    The final price you've paid depends on the type of trip you booked with FREE NOW. The price you pay is itemised in the trip section of your app, and on your booking invoice, which you'll receive vi... View full article
  • When do cancellation fees apply?
    A cancellation fee will apply: When a passenger cancels a booking 2 minutes after a driver has been allocated and the driver has driven more than 100m towards the pickup point. If the driver has w... View full article
  • How much does an eScooter cost?
    For eScooters you are charged a flat unlocking fee for the vehicle and are charged by the minute while your eScooter is moving.  The current charges for using TIER eScooters in London are: £1.00 to... View full article
  • How much is a cancellation fee?
    In an attempt to provide a fairer experience for drivers we've introduced a £5 passenger cancellation fee (£6 from 7th February 2022). We understand that passengers are sometimes forced to cancel b... View full article
  • Why are the charges on my bank account different to the booking fare?
    The entries you're seeing on your bank statement may not be charges but in fact pre-authorisations. A pre-authorisation is a temporary hold of funds placed on your account when you order with FREE ... View full article
  • Why did my payment fail?
    Before you can order a ride, you'll need to ensure that there is a valid payment method added to your FREE NOW passenger account. To add a payment method follow our instructions, here. If you're wo... View full article
  • How do I settle an outstanding payment?
    If you've received communication from FREE NOW relating to a failed payment, here's what may have happened. Why did my payment fail? There are several reasons why your payment can fail however in t... View full article
  • What's surge pricing?
    You may notice surge pricing when the fare of your trip is higher than usual. Surge pricing is used when there is high demand in a specific area and there aren't enough drivers to fulfil this deman... View full article
  • What's a 'Clean Air' fee?
    The Clean Air Fee is applied to ‘Ride’ (Private Hire) orders in the UK. This amount is included in the fixed fare shown to you before placing your order.  Also note that as this fee is charged dire... View full article
  • What is the 'Taxi service fee'?
    The Service Fee is included on taxi orders in the UK. This amount is included in the fare estimate shown to you before placing your order.  A service fee is a standard fee among taxi apps (though s... View full article
  • My driver requested that I pay a toll
    Depending on the route taken for your journey you may incur a toll fee. An example of a toll fee is the Central London Fee. In an effort to reduce congestion and pollution in Central London, we add... View full article
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