• I think I've been charged twice
    In the event you think you've been charged twice, please, first evaluate carefully these 3 scenarios: If a charge has been made through the app and by cash/card to the taxi driver, please, contact... View full article
  • I think I've been charged for a FREE NOW trip I didn't take
    We're sorry to hear you've been charged for a trip you didn't take. There could be a couple of reasons why this has happened. Please read through all cases, or jump straight to the situation that s... View full article
  • How much is a cancellation fee and when does it apply?
    In an attempt to provide a fairer experience for drivers, we've introduced a £6 passenger cancellation fee for Ride tours and a £5 passenger cancellation fee for Taxi tours. We understand that pass... View full article
  • How does Fare Adjustment work?
    In the case of a PHV Journey, FREE NOW reserves the right to re-adjust the Fare where the actual distance for the PHV Journey exceeds the estimated distance by +30% or the duration of the PHV Journ... View full article
  • I paid for my trip with cash and card
    If you paid for your trip with cash and your bank card has also been charged please contact our Passenger Care Team. They'll be happy to help! Please make sure you attach proof of double purchase b... View full article
  • What are FREE NOW's additional fees?
    FREE NOW's Fees (not including cancellation fees)     Pick up Drop off Airport Heathrow £5.30 £5 Gatwick £5 £5 Stansted £10 £7 Luton £5 £5 London City £3.8... View full article
  • When do waiting fees apply?
    Waiting fees are a per-minute charge which starts 2 minutes after a driver (only applies for PHV rides) has arrived at your pickup location. This fee helps compensate the driver's efforts and time ... View full article
  • My fare doesn't reflect the fixed-fare I was initially shown
    When the price of a fixed fare is generated, factors such as anticipated traffic disruptions, road closures and weather are all considered in order to create the best price for both our drivers and... View full article
  • How much does a moped rental cost through the FREE NOW app?
    Important: Mopeds are currently not available in the UK. Only available in Germany, Spain, France, Italy and Portugal.   The price of your moped trip will consist of a fixed activation fee (unlock... View full article
  • I don't understand the price I've paid
    The final price you've paid depends on the type of trip you booked with FREE NOW. The price you pay is itemized in the trip section of your app, and on your booking invoice, which you'll receive vi... View full article
  • Why are the charges on my bank account different to the booking fare?
    The entries you're seeing on your bank statement may not be charges but in fact pre-authorisations. A pre-authorisation is a temporary hold of funds placed on your account when you order with FREE ... View full article
  • Why did my payment fail?
    Before you can order a ride, you'll need to ensure that there is a valid payment method added to your FREE NOW passenger account. Please, make sure that your credit card is operational and authoris... View full article
  • How do I settle an outstanding payment?
    We'll let you know about a failed payment via email within days of the failed payment occurring. Here's what may have happened: Expired credit card Exceeding your monthly/weekly payment limit Insu... View full article
  • What's surge pricing?
    You may notice surge pricing when the fare of your trip is higher than usual. Surge pricing is used when there is high demand in a specific area and there aren't enough drivers to fulfil this deman... View full article
  • What's a Service Fee?
    The Service Fee is applied to ‘Ride’ (Private Hire) orders in the UK to support us in continuously optimizing our app-based services and contribute to our investments in electric and inclusive mobi... View full article
  • What is the 'Taxi Service Fee'?
    The Taxi Service Fee is a standard fee among taxi apps (though some call it 'Technology Fee'), which applies in each taxi ride paid through our platform from personal accounts (does not apply to co... View full article
  • My driver requested that I pay a toll
    Depending on the route taken for your journey you may incur a toll fee. An example of a toll fee is the Central London Fee. In an effort to reduce congestion and pollution in Central London, we add... View full article
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