• I think I've been charged twice
    If there is more than one entry from FREE NOW on your bank statement relating to a recent order with us, then please be assured that you are unlikely to have been double charged. Instead, one of th... View full article
  • I've been charged for a ride which I did not take
    If you have been charged for a ride that you did not take then there could be multiple reasons for this. Please view the following options below to see which is most relevant to your situation: I a... View full article
  • What does car sharing cost in the FREE NOW app?
    Car Sharing costs and pricing structures vary by partner, as we provide you with the exact same price you would pay via our partners.The price also depends on the type of car you choose to book.Gen... View full article
  • I think I've been charged more than expected?
    The fare structure in the Republic of Ireland is set by the National Transport Authority. There is an initial charge on the meter when you enter any taxi in Ireland.  An Initial Charge of €3.80 app... View full article
  • How much is a cancellation fee?
    We understand that passengers are sometimes forced to cancel bookings due to unforeseen circumstances. However, last-minute cancellations impact our systems and disrupt our drivers. Therefore, in a... View full article
  • The charges on my bank account are different to the fare
    The entries you're seeing on your bank statement may not be charges but in fact pre-authorisations. A pre-authorisation is a temporary hold of funds placed on your account when you order with FREE ... View full article
  • My payment failed
    There must be a valid payment method, with sufficient funds saved in the app for the pay by app function to work. Our system will check you have a valid payment method before hailing a taxi.If in t... View full article
  • I have an outstanding payment on a past trip
    If you've received communication from FREE NOW relating to a failed payment, here's what may have happened. Why did my payment fail? There are several reasons why your payment can fail however in t... View full article
  • My driver requested that I pay a toll
    Depending on the route taken for your journey you may incur a toll fee. This toll fee is to be passed onto the passenger. If you are charged for a toll this will appear on your emailed FREE NOW rec... View full article
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