• I think I've been charged twice
    If a charge has been made through the app and by cash/card to the taxi driver, please contact our Passenger Service Team. If you're seeing more than one FREE NOW entry on your bank statement relat... View full article
  • I've been charged for a ride which I did not take
    We're sorry to hear you've been charged for a trip you didn't take. There could be a couple of reasons as to why this has happened. Please read through all cases, or jump straight to the situation ... View full article
  • When do cancellation fees apply?
    A cancellation fee of €5 will apply: Where you cancel 2 minutes or more after a driver accepts your request and is on route to pick you up. If you are not at the pick-up address within 5 minutes o... View full article
  • Why has my Taxi fare increased?
    You may have noticed that your fare is slightly higher than usual. There have been some recent changes that have contributed to this; The National Transport Authority (NTA), who regulate Irish tax... View full article
  • I don't understand the price I've paid
    The fare structure in the Republic of Ireland is set by the National Transport Authority. There is an initial charge on the meter when you enter any taxi in Ireland.  An Initial Charge of €3.80 app... View full article
  • How much is a cancellation fee?
    We understand that passengers are sometimes forced to cancel bookings due to unforeseen circumstances. However, last-minute cancellations impact our systems and disrupt our drivers. Therefore, in a... View full article
  • The charges on my bank account are different to the fare
    The entries you're seeing on your bank statement may not be charges but in fact pre-authorisations. A pre-authorisation is a temporary hold of funds placed on your account when you order with FREE ... View full article
  • Why did my payment fail?
    Before you can order a ride, you'll need to ensure that there is a valid payment method added to your FREE NOW passenger account. To add a payment method, follow our instructions on How can I add/r... View full article
  • How do I settle an outstanding payment?
    We'll let you know about a failed payment via email within days of the failed payment occurring. Here's what may have happened: Expired credit card Exceeding your monthly/weekly payment limit Insu... View full article
  • What's a Technology Fee?
    From 1st August 2022, FREE NOW will charge passengers a €1 Technology Fee for each taxi requested and successfully completed and paid through personal FREE NOW passenger accounts (does not apply to... View full article
  • My driver requested that I pay a toll
    Depending on the route taken for your trip, you may incur a toll fee. This toll fee is to be passed onto the passenger. If you are charged for a toll, this will appear on your emailed FREE NOW rece... View full article
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