• What are the requirements to rent a bike with FREE NOW?
    To rent our bikes, you don't need any documentation or previous experience. The only requirement is that you are over 18 years old. Once you are registered on FREE NOW App and added a valid payment... View full article
  • Where does FREE NOW offer bikes for renting?
    We are everywhere!  Together with our partner TIER, FREE NOW offers you electric bikes in 9 countries around Europe. In Ireland, we are in Dublin. To find a bike, simply open the app (2-wheels) and... View full article
  • How do I start my bike trip?
    Before starting your rental, just make sure you have enough battery and internet on your phone, so you are able to unlock and lock the bicycle. Also, set your Bluetooth and GPS on! To rent a bike a... View full article
  • Can't start my bike rental. What can I do?
    There are some common reasons why you can't start the rental of an eBike: Issues with your payment method or temporary hold process GPS/location of your phone is off Data mobile is off (you shoul... View full article
  • Where and how can I park the bike?
    FREE NOW App will always give you all the necessary instructions to park correctly in the specific city where you are riding. Remember always to follow local parking rules to avoid a parking ticket... View full article
  • Can't finish my bike rental. What can I do?
    First, make sure you are trying to park inside the operating area. Remember that is not allowed to park outside the orange boundary (service area) or over orange zones. Also, you need to have your... View full article
  • Can I pause my bike rental?
    Yes! You are able to pause your rental as many times as you'd like, as long as it doesn't exceed the maximal rental duration. Go shopping or pop into the coffee store, the eBike will wait for sure... View full article
  • Why does my bike slow down?
    If your bike has automatically slowed down during a ride in progress, this could be due to 3 different reasons: You have entered a speed limit zone: Go-Slow Zones (yellow zones)- To comply with lo... View full article
  • Why have I been charged a temporary hold for my bike rental?
    When you rent any of our mobility services, for security reasons, a temporary hold hold is placed on your payment method, whether the rental is completed or not. A temporary hold is not a charge, b... View full article
  • What to do if I have been charged a fine for my bike rental?
    Fines are the responsibility of the user and should be settled via FREE NOW as per your bike rental agreement. Sometimes, in accordance with our extra fees regulations, we can apply an additional p... View full article
  • How to claim a charge for renting my bike?
    The final price of your rental includes the minutes driven, the unlock fee and the parking fee. Always double-check this info breaking down the price in your app and in the invoice sent. In case y... View full article
  • Where should I report any damage to the bike?
    You must report any damage or technical issue to the bike directly to our provider: TIER https://www.tier.app/help/ support@tier.app +353 12 23 86 45 View full article
  • What should I do if I have an accident on my bike?
    Your safety is our number one concern, so all bike trips are insured by our partner. If you have been involved in an accident, are injured or have caused harm to others, please seek urgent medical ... View full article
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