• What's a pre-authorisation?
    A pre-authorisation is a temporary hold of funds applied to your payment method. This hold is added at the time of booking your trip, to make sure that your payment method works.  If the trip is ca... View full article
  • Why are FREE NOW pre-authorising my payment method?
    Pre-authorisations - also known as pending transactions or holds - are used to make sure that the payment method works when ordering a trip.  This helps us to ensure we can pay your FREE NOW driver... View full article
  • Why is my bank statement showing a pending transaction and a charge for the same trip?
    If you're seeing more than one FREE NOW entry on your bank statement connected to a recent order, rest assured you have not been charged twice.  When you request a trip, FREE NOW may place a tempor... View full article
  • Why has FREE NOW charged me even though I never took the trip?
    Once you tap the ‘order’ button, FREE NOW may perform a pre-authorisation - also known as a temporary hold. This is done before a driver is allocated, so that a driver isn’t allocated a trip that t... View full article
  • How much will I be pre-authorised?
    The pre-authorisation is based on your trip and takes into account the vehicle/mobility type and the covered distance. For ride hailing the pre-authorised amount is usually the estimated fare amoun... View full article
  • When will my pre-authorisation be released?
    FREE NOW will automatically request that the payment provider release the temporary hold within 30 minutes - depending on the provider/bank this can take a number of days. If the temporary hold has... View full article
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