• How can I report a safety issue that happened during my FREE NOW trip?
    If you've been involved in a serious incident and are injured, or feel unsafe, then we strongly recommend you contact the emergency services on 999. If you'd like immediate assistance from one of o... View full article
  • How do FREE NOW handle safety issues?
    We know that when you take a trip, the most important thing is that you get there safely. Your safety is our number one priority.  To ensure the safety of FREE NOW passengers and drivers we have p... View full article
  • My FREE NOW driver made me feel unsafe
    We would never want our passengers to feel unsafe whilst travelling in a FREE NOW vehicle. If you feel that you are in immediate danger, please, contact the emergency services on 999. Our Passenger... View full article
  • My driver drove dangerously
    At FREE NOW we take the safety of all our users very seriously. If you have been made to feel unsafe by a driver's driving, please, contact our Care Team and report in detail what happened. Alterna... View full article
  • I felt discriminated against by my FREE NOW driver
    FREE NOW operates a zero tolerance on discriminatory behaviour. In accordance with our licence requirements, we investigate every allegation fully before taking the appropriate action. This may inc... View full article
  • My FREE NOW driver/vehicle didn't match the profile on the app
    Once a booking has been accepted on the FREE NOW app, the driver and vehicle details are displayed below the ETA. If you choose to cancel the request, those details can still be found in your trip ... View full article
  • The quality of my vehicle was not satisfactory
    We expect all our drivers to keep their vehicles in good condition at all times, and often perform routine checks on drivers and their vehicles. If you were not satisfied with the quality of the v... View full article
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