• How do I set up a FREE NOW Business Account?
    If you’d like to go ahead and set up an account with FREE NOW, you can use our 'Self Sign Up' option. You can start the process by clicking here. 1. Set up account Set up is quick and easy, we jus... View full article
  • What is the Mobility Benefits Card?
    As an extension of our existing Mobility Budget solution, with the Mobility Benefits Card, your employees will be able to spend their corporate benefits on a broad range of mobility services within... View full article
  • What is FREE NOW for Business?
    FREE NOW for Business is a smart travel solution that provides your company with all the following benefits: Access to thousands of drivers across the city! Easily simultaneous booking trips via a... View full article
  • What are the different types of FREE NOW Business Accounts?
    FREE NOW for Business count with three types of options to cover your company preferences and needs: Employee Corporate Travel  Business Travel made simpler! - Provides companies with full cont... View full article
  • How to upgrade my FREE NOW Business Account plan?
    For taking your FREE NOW Business Account to the next level, simply contact our Sales Team through our Request contact form. View full article
  • What does Multimobility fleet means?
    New modes of transport have recently been added to FREE NOW fleet and are also available for your Business Account: electric scooters, electric bikes, electric mopeds and car sharing (availability ... View full article
  • What is a Mobility Budget?
    A Mobility Budget (MoBu) is an amount of money that you can give to your FREE NOW Business Accounts members daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly to spend on corporate or private trips. It is a strateg... View full article
  • Want to find out more? Get in touch with us!
    If you're wanting to learn more about FREE NOW for Business, Request a contact with our team directly. Someone will be in touch shortly!   View full article
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