• Can I use my business account to pay for Car Sharing via FREE NOW?
    No. For now, we only offering Car Sharing to our B2C users. We hope to bring Car Sharing to our B2B offering in the future.For any questions on your specific B2B account, please refer to your relev... View full article
  • What do I have to do before my first car sharing trip?
    Before starting your first trip, you will need to undertake the simple "Drivers License Validation" (DLV) process and ensure you have a valid payment method. This process usually takes only a few m... View full article
  • How do I start a car sharing trip?
    To begin a trip, simply click on the Car Sharing tab of the FREE NOW app and select a vehicle on the map.You can either directly begin your rental by clicking "Start" or you can reserve the car to ... View full article
  • Who can use Car Sharing via FREE NOW?
    Car Sharing is currently available only in a few select German cities. We hope to expand this offering in the near future.For now, anyone with a valid German drivers license who has held it for lon... View full article
  • Where should I report any damage to the car?
    Please report any damage to the vehicle directly to our car sharing partners.MILES: Click on the help button in the App during an active rental in order to call the support team of MILES. If the re... View full article
  • Am I insured when booking via the FREE NOW app?
    Yes!All of your Car Sharing trips booked via the FREE NOW app are fully covered via the usual Insurance of each Provider. This includes the following coverage:1) Third Party Liability2) Full Compre... View full article
  • What happens if I break traffic rules during my trip?
    If you are caught breaking traffic rules, you will receive the official notification and be required to pay the fine amount and an additional administration fee.Our partners will forward any traffi... View full article
  • Can I park the car during my trip and keep my trip running?
    Yes. You can park your car and "pause" your trip, ensuring the car remains yours and blocked for other users. We refer to this as parking mode.The prices for parking mode vary between partners. For... View full article
  • Where can I park the car at the end of my trip?
    You must park the car within the operating area of the city from which you have rented it (shown in the app via the highlighted area on the map).Within this area, you are free to park in any valid,... View full article
  • Do I need to refuel the car after my trip?
    We recommend always refueling cars that are low (<25%) on fuel before ending your ride. Please follow the specific partner instructions to do this. If the fuel level is below 5% you have to refuel,... View full article
  • What should I do if the cars' fuel is empty?
    For MILES cars, you will find a fuel card in the glove compartment which is accepted at every Total and Aral gas station in Germany. Don't forget to put it back, otherwise you can't end the ride! Y... View full article
  • Can I reserve a car in advance?
    Yes, the car can be reserved in advance meaning no one but you can start a trip in this car. You receive a free reservation period with each booking and can extend this if required for a fee.For MI... View full article
  • What happens if I don't reach the car within the reserved time limit?
    You can choose to extend the reservation for a fee, or the reservation simply runs out and the vehicle will be available for anyone to reserve or start their trip. View full article
  • Can someone else drive the car for me?
    No. You as a validated driver are the only one permitted to drive the vehicle. View full article
  • Where can I drive the car?
    The cars can be driven anywhere in Germany, however must be returned, and the trip can only end, back in the operating area of the city from which you began your trip.The operating area for each ca... View full article
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