• When will I be paid?
    You will be paid in arrears weekly, you will be issued your last week’s statement every Tuesday and you will receive your payment by the end of the day every Wednesday.   You can find the annual pa... View full article
  • How do month-end payments and invoices work?
    For the final pay period of each calendar month, you'll receive two invoices and two separate payments to your bank account: One invoice will cover the last remaining days of the previous month. T... View full article
  • Why is the fare in my app different to the fare in my statement?
    Your payment for a FREE NOW trip will be less than the fare you see in the app.The fare you see is what the passenger is charged. We deduct a commission from the trip fare, and the amount shown in ... View full article
  • I've received a negative adjustment. What does this mean?
    It is rare to receive a negative adjustment on your account, however, on occasion this may happen due to the  You can view a breakdown of any adjustments on your weekly payment invoice from FREE NO... View full article
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