• How can I pay? (Business Account)
    How can I pay?   With your business account, you can add a central credit card to your administration panel or receive a monthly invoice to be paid by bank transfer/direct debit. View full article
  • How do I activate billing for my business account or amend billing details?
    If you wish to discuss billing options or amendments for your account, please contact us at ireland.business@free-now.com. View full article
  • When/where can I see my monthly invoice?
    Invoices are emailed to a designated email address on the first of the month and these invoices can also be downloaded from the admin panel on this date. You will receive a monthly invoice regardle... View full article
  • Where can I see past invoices?
    As each invoice is uploaded to the admin panel, these are available at any time for download. View full article
  • Who can see account credit card/billing information?
    Only account administrators will be able to see payment information. View full article
  • How do I add a card to my business account?
    You can add a credit card to your business account by going to the ‘account’ option in the left-hand column of the admin panel and then ‘payment’. Here there is an option that says ‘add credit card... View full article
  • Who can receive e-receipts?
    Passengers will receive a detailed e-receipt at the end of every trip. There is an option to send a copy of every receipt to a nominated email address (e.g. for accounts purposes) and FREE NOW is a... View full article
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