• What type of Cars do you offer in the FREE NOW app?
    We offer all cars that our partners provide, directly bookable in our FREE NOW app. This generally ranges from small 2 person city cars up to and including transport vans.The exact car types availa... View full article
  • Can I travel with an animal?
    Are you travelling with a non-service animal? If you plan to travel with a non-service animal, it is at the driver's discretion to accept or reject the trip. With this in mind, we strongly suggest ... View full article
  • Do you have wheelchair accessible vehicles?
    We are proud of our accessible fleet and are constantly looking at growing this so that our offering of mobility is available to everyone. We have a fleet type named 'Accessible' and every vehicle ... View full article
  • Do FREE NOW drivers provide a baby seat?
    FREE NOW drivers are not required to provide baby seats. If you're travelling with young children and wish for them to travel in a child seat, you'll need to provide this yourself. View full article
  • Can someone under 18 travel alone?
    As there are no clear guidelines available on the carriage of unaccompanied minors available, we reached out the National Transport Authority (NTA) for clarification. The NTA’s response to drivers ... View full article
  • What booking options does FREE NOW offer?
    Depending on which FREE NOW city you are in, you can select from among the following options/order details for every trip: Taxi: regular vehicles up to 4 passenger seats Taxi XL: large vehicles wi... View full article
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