• How do I accept or reject a trip? And what happens if I reject a trip?
    When you're available and ready to receive trip requests from passengers, slide the bar at the top of the screen to go 'Free'.   When a job comes through, you will see the pick-up address on the of... View full article
  • What are prebookings?
    Prebook allows the passenger to book their trip in advance. Drivers can see and choose these jobs from the 'Prebooks' list in the app. To find the prebook list: Open up the FREE NOW app Tap the ti... View full article
  • How long can I drive for?
    According to the NTA part of your responsibility as an SPSV licence holder is: A written undertaking that you will not drive an SPSV for more than 11 hours on any three consecutive days. View full article
  • How do I go online/offline for accepting trips?
    When you're available and ready to receive trip requests from passengers, slide the bar at the top of the screen to go 'Free'.To become unavailable,  slide the bar back to  'Busy'. This will mean n... View full article
  • How do driver ratings at FREE NOW work?
    We want the FREE NOW experience to be comfortable, safe, and enjoyable for everyone involved. Passengers have the opportunity to leave a rating and a comment about their past trips. To review your ... View full article
  • How do I create a hop on trip?
    If you pick-up a passenger off the street that has a FREE NOW account, they are able to pay for the trip using their account. This method of payment is often referred to as a 'Hop on' trip.    To d... View full article
  • What is your coverage area?
    FREE NOW operates in Cork, Dublin, Galway, Kerry, Limerick, Waterford and many other regional cities. We are continually looking to expand the areas that we operate in.   View full article
  • Where can I see and accept prebookings?
    To view the prebook dashboard, tap the calendar icon in the top left corner of the screen.   Here you will be able to see a list of jobs showing the pick up/destination and the pickup time.   To ac... View full article
  • How can I improve my rating?
    If your rating is not a perfect 5 star, don't worry! We understand that some events during a trip cannot be anticipated. Your overall rating is made up of the average taken from your 100 most recen... View full article
  • How do I start a prebooking?
    You can activate your next prebook job from 1 hour in advance of the pickup time. Go into the ‘Mine’ tab on your prebook list and select the upcoming prebook. Tap the ‘Activate job’ when you’re re... View full article
  • What is Quick Pay?
    FREE NOW has just made completing a trip easier! Quick Pay has been introduced to make in-app payments more efficient, meaning you can get to your next trip faster.  Previously, we've asked you to ... View full article
  • How do I charge a trip (via the app/cash)?
    When you've arrived at your destination and ended the trip, there'll be a button that says 'App Payment' or 'Cash Payment' depending on the payment method chosen by the passenger. Tap the payment ... View full article
  • What is a Virtual Rank and how does it work?
    Virtual Rank is a feature in the driver app that is a fair way of dispatching jobs from the airport on the FREE NOW app, it can also keep you up to date with how many drivers are checked in. This i... View full article
  • How do I cancel a booking?
    If you need to cancel a job you can do so by pressing the red ‘X’ button in the extra information section of the job. From here, choose the appropriate reason for the cancellation from the list.   ... View full article
  • What is the 'On the Way' function?
    The ‘On the Way’ feature lets you enter a destination you are heading towards and the app will then only offer you jobs that are heading in that direction.   To find the 'On the Way' feature, pleas... View full article
  • What is phone masking?
    To increase the safety of FREE NOW drivers and passengers, we have turned on the phone masking function. Phone masking: Phone masking is where the phone number of either the driver or passenger ha... View full article
  • How do I block a passenger?
    In the case of an incident, you will be able to block a passenger from being paired with you again on FREE NOW, this is done at your discretion. Just go to your Job History screen and select the re... View full article
  • How do I rate a passenger?
    At the end of each booking you complete with FREE NOW you will have the opportunity to rate your passenger. We hope that every experience you have driving with FREE NOW is a positive one, but in th... View full article
  • What if the passenger requests to make a stop/change the destination?
    As you operate on a metered vehicle, you are obliged as an SPSV licence holder to carry out any route or direction chosen by a passenger. We do prompt passengers to enter a destination, however, on... View full article
  • Where can I find my FREE NOW driver ID?
    Your FREE NOW driver ID is an alphanumerical code that is unique to every driver. You can find this in the app menu, under 'Profile'. It's a code made up of four digits and two letters, the last tw... View full article
  • What is "Auto-accept" and how do I use it?
    If you're on a FREE NOW job and would like to automatically accept any follow on jobs offered to you, please follow the steps below:  Open the FREE NOW driver app to the main screen Tap or swipe u... View full article
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