• How do I order a taxi?
    As soon as you have been correctly located on the map, enter your destination to show an overview of your trip.If you are having trouble being located correctly on the map you can also enter your s... View full article
  • How can I book in advance?
    Yes! You can book up to four days in advance in the app, to do so please follow the steps below:   Step 1: Open up the FREE NOW app and enter your destination into the ‘Where are you going' tab.  S... View full article
  • I can't book a trip
    Oh no! We're sorry to hear you're having trouble ordering a trip. Below are some of the reasons why you might be unable to order a trip with FREE NOW: Your selected payment method is not valid  - ... View full article
  • How can I cancel a trip?
    Are you wanting to cancel your trip? Don't worry, this step is easy!   Step 1: To cancel your ride all you have to do is click on the "Cancel Request" button at the bottom of the order screen. Step... View full article
  • How do I make a detour or add stops during my trip?
    If you are looking to book with multiple drop-offs you are booking a taxi on the FREE NOW app you will need to input the final destination, to enter a destination you will need to follow these step... View full article
  • How do I select a payment method when ordering?
    Want to know how to select a payment method when ordering a trip? Check out our easy steps below:   Step One: Open the FREE NOW app and enter your desired pick-up point and drop-off destination. St... View full article
  • Can I order a taxi for someone else?
    Ordering a taxi on behalf of someone else is not a problem with FREE NOW. To do so, simply book the taxi with your account (the fare will be debited from your account). We recommend that you contac... View full article
  • Can I order a larger vehicle?
    The short answer is yes! All vehicles in our 'Taxi XL' fleet will offer enough space for 8 passengers. The number of passengers that can fit in each fleet type is displayed next to the fleet when o... View full article
  • Can I order a more environmentally friendly vehicle?
    Yes! We offer a more environmentally-friendly alternative when booking a taxi. To order an electric Taxi, select our 'Eco Taxi' fleet. View full article
  • Adding a message for your driver
    If you need to let your driver know something before the ride, you have the option in the app to type a short message that they will see as soon as they accept your booking. To add a message to you... View full article
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