• How do I select a business account as my payment option? 
    Before your trip To do this, before requesting your taxi, you have to select your company account from your App. It's very simple: Tap your profile icon in the top right corner of the main screen ... View full article
  • Why I can’t see my company payment option on my app
    Log in issues First, make sure to check the profile section of your passenger app to see if you’re logged in with the correct email address. Bear in mind that if you have already been using FRE... View full article
  • How to upload my receipts to the Concur or Amadeus cytric account of my company?
    To ensure that your trip receipts are uploaded to your account or Amadeus Cytric account, their logo in the 'Payment' tab of your passenger app must be highlighted. Once highlighted (meaning that ... View full article
  • Can I use vouchers/promo codes/credits while paying with my FREE NOW Business Account?
    Unfortunately, no! Vouchers, promo codes or credits can only be applied to trips taken on personal credit cards, or Multicard payment enabled in your FREE NOW Business Account. Check out the steps ... View full article
  • How can I claim an outstanding payment for a company trip I already paid?
    Whenever there is an outstanding payment, you will receive all the information related in the weekly statement of your Business Account. If you have identified any error, or you want to claim any ... View full article
  • What can I do if I've been charged incorrectly for my company trip?
    If there is a discrepancy in the amount paid for your business trip, please submit a request to our Support Team to check it properly. We will sort it out as soon as possible! View full article
  • Why I’m getting an error message when I try to book on my Business Account
    If you’re unable to pay using your FREE NOW Business Account, the reason could be an outstanding payment due*. Upon opening the FREE NOW app, a pop-up message will appear requesting you to settle... View full article
  • Why I'm not receiving receipts for my trips made with my FREE NOW Business Account
    E-receipts are always sent from an address with a @free-now.com domain to the email address registered on your passenger account. Make sure to check that: The messages aren’t being flagged as spam... View full article
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