• Where can I see my Mobility Budget on my app?
    Any user that has a Mobility Budget (MoBu) allocated will be able to see it on their FREE NOW app, inside the 'Payment' section > 'Mobility Budget'. For paying trips with your MoBu, simply select ... View full article
  • Can unspent Mobility Budget be used in the next month?
    Unfortunately, it is not possible to push unused budget into the next budget period. The company budget can only be used in the timeframe set. Also, if you wish to book a trip that will exceed your... View full article
  • What is the Mobility Benefits Card and how can I set it up?
    The Mobility Benefits Card is a digital corporate card assigned by your employer in your FREE NOW account, so you can use this budget for your FREE NOW trips or even outside the app.  Just like you... View full article
  • Which transport options can I use the Mobility Benefits Card for and how to pay them?
    Almost everything! You can use all the means of transport you want, directly from our FREE NOW app, and also any option you find when you’re out and about. Think trains, taxis, mopeds, car sharing,... View full article
  • How does the budget of my Mobility Benefits Card work and how to manage it? 
    Your employer has given you a monthly allowance for your private transport needs. This mobility budget comes in the form of a monthly stipend (amount) that is loaded on a virtual credit card, provi... View full article
  • Can I use my Mobility Benefits Card outside the FREE NOW app?
    Yes! When you add the Mobility Benefits Card to your phone’s digital wallet, you’re free to use it for paying for any mode of transport (subway, buses, trains) without using the FREE NOW app as an ... View full article
  • Can the Mobility Benefits Card be used abroad?
    Yes, this is an international card and you are able to use it across the globe. So don't worry, even if you travel, you can still make the most of your budget. For more details of where you can and... View full article
  • How do I add my Mobility Benefits Card to my digital wallet?
    To add your Mobility Benefits Card to your digital phone’s wallet provider (Google Pay or Apple Pay/Apple Wallet) follow the instructions explained below: Apple Pay In the Wallet app on your iOS d... View full article
  • What if I lose my Mobility Benefits Card?
    If you lose access to your card or your phone is stolen, please, contact our Support Team immediately. Do this right away, so we can change your card number and replace it safely. Simply submit a ... View full article
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