• What benefits do I get using my FREE NOW for business account?
    FREE NOW for Business is a smart travel solution that provides you with all the following benefits: Get access to thousands of drivers across the city! Bill business trips to your company! Book ... View full article
  • How to activate my FREE NOW business profile in the app?
    Super simple! If you have never used FREE NOW before and don't have the app on your device, you'll need to complete a simple registration process: Download the FREE NOW passenger app from Google ... View full article
  • How can I move my profile to a different Business Account?
    To a different Business Account In case you have left a company and now want to join another one that also has a FREE NOW Business Account, you will need to request an invitation from your new acco... View full article
  • How do I connect my expense management system to my FREE NOW Business Account?
    FREE NOW is integrated with SAP Concur and Amadeus cytric, so this can be connected via your company’s app centre or by logging into your Concur/Amadeus cytric account via the ‘Payment’ section of ... View full article
  • How to enter a Reference and/or a Cost centre when ordering on the app with my Business account?
    To enter a Reference and/or a Cost centre when ordering on the app (if they are not defined by default), follow the next steps: Open your FREE NOW app Enter your departure and arrival addresses an... View full article
  • How to collect miles with my FREE NOW business trip?
    Important: Applicable to Austria, Germany, Portugal and Spain only. If you are a member of Miles & More, the loyalty program from Lufthansa Airlines, you can collect miles for each trip you do thro... View full article
  • Can I pay multimobility services with my FREE NOW business account?
    Yes, you can pay for any of our electric scooters or electric bikes with your FREE NOW Business Account!  They are available unless there is a travel policy that disables those services. Contact yo... View full article
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