• What is the Payment tab?
    The Payment tab is basically the Account tab and has 3 sub tabs: 1. Company information Here you will find: The company name and address, as we have it on our system. If this needs to be changed, ... View full article
  • How do I delete or add a company payment method to my Business Account?
    Delete a company payment method If you wish to delete any company credit card, you can go to the ‘Payment’ tab in the left-hand column of the Admin Panel and then ‘Payment settings’. Here, you simp... View full article
  • Can employees associate their personal/business credit card to a FREE NOW Business Account?
    Yes, they can! As long as they’ve joined your company Business Account already, they can associate their business or personal credit card by using our 'Multicard' feature. This means that you will ... View full article
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