• Are all trips eligible for a Cancellation Fee?
    Standard ad-hoc and prebook trips booked via the FREE NOW app are all eligible for a cancellation fee of £5 on rides which meet the following criteria: The passenger cancels 2 minutes or more afte... View full article
  • What are cancellation fees (formerly scrub fees)?
    Scrub fees are back!  Actually, they're now called cancellation fees. If your passenger cancels too late or doesn't show up in time, they will be charged a £5 cancellation fee. The payment will be ... View full article
  • Do I receive a cancellation fee if the passenger cancels while I'm on my way?
    The short answer is yes! If you drive more than 2 minutes to the passenger's pick-up address, you’ll be automatically eligible for a cancellation compensation (cancellation fee). View full article
  • How long do I have to wait for a late passenger before cancelling a trip?
    When waiting for a passenger at the pick-up point, you have to wait for a minimum of 5 minutes to be eligible for cancellation compensation (cancellation fee). Once you’ve arrived we recommend call... View full article
  • Where can I see my cancellation fees?
    Cancellation Fees will be paid out once a week, every Tuesday, along with your payments from completed jobs. You can find your total value of cancellation compensations on your invoice summary as w... View full article
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