• How do I sign up for a FREE NOW Livery? (London Only)
    You can book in for a FREE NOW Livery here.Please ensure your cab is clean and any other exterior advertising has been removed prior to attending your appointment. You will be asked to sign a 12 mo... View full article
  • How do I sign up for a FREE NOW Livery? (Outside of London)
    You can register your interest for a FREE NOW Livery here. Once we're in your area we'll be in touch to organise having your Livery applied. Whilst we're there we'll also ask you to sign your 12-mo... View full article
  • What does FREE NOW Livery look like?
    You can find an image below of how the FREE NOW Livery looks and the form to sign up here, the stickers will be applied to both sides of your cab. View full article
  • Where is FREE NOW Livery applied?
    Behind our FREE NOW Driver Office at 47/51 Great Suffolk Street, please remember to book in before coming in. Once you have arrived please check in at our office. View full article
  • I rent my cab, can I still take the FREE NOW Livery?
    If you lease your cab we would recommend that you receive permission from the owner before signing up to take the FREE NOW Livery.  The Livery/stickers are very gentle and can be taken off without ... View full article
  • Will the FREE NOW Livery damage the paint?
    The livery/stickers are very gentle and can be taken off without any damage to the paint. If anything there may be a slightly sticky residue that can come off with hot soapy water or when removing ... View full article
  • What if my FREE NOW Livery becomes damaged/gets removed?
    If you need to take your stickers off for a specific reason i.e. an accident in the cab, you will be required to contact our Driver team to arrange replacements. Please contact us on our request fo... View full article
  • I already have a FREE NOW Livery, can I take up the latest offer?
    Yes! This offer is open to all drivers, please contact us here so we can provide you with what we need from you in order to get this in place. Please note we will also ask to replace your stickers ... View full article
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