• How to update your device's battery optimisation to access the full FREE NOW Driver app experience
    We've discovered that some Android devices do not send location updates when the driver app is in the background, i.e. while using Waze or another transportation app. This issue is due to a defaul... View full article
  • Why am I not receiving any offers?
    Here are a few tips you can follow to help make sure you receive offers via the FREE NOW driver app: Jump straight to specific instructions by clicking on the suggestions below. How to allow locat... View full article
  • The app is unable to determine my location
    If you can't be located on the map/aren't seeing the map, and your phone displays an error message, please check that your location services setting is ON. Not sure how to do this? Don't worry, we'... View full article
  • What is the 'On the Way' function?
    The ‘On the Way’ feature lets you enter a destination you are heading towards and the app will then only offer you jobs that are heading in that direction. To find the 'On the Way' feature, plea... View full article
  • What is phone masking?
    To increase the safety of FREE NOW drivers and passengers, we have turned on the phone masking function. Phone masking is where the phone number of either the driver or passenger has been replaced ... View full article
  • What is "Auto-accept" and how do I use it?
    If you're on a FREE NOW job and would like to automatically accept any follow-on jobs offered to you, please follow the steps below:  Open the FREE NOW driver app to the main screen Tap or swipe u... View full article
  • Can I switch from Google Maps to Waze on the driver app?
    A great feature of the FREE NOW driver app is that its navigation is included within the app. This means that you should have everything you need to drive all in one place. However, if you'd prefer... View full article
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