• What can I do if I forgot my password?
    If you can not log in to the Admin Panel, you can request a password reset from the login page. There is also a reset request option on the log in screens of the Web Booker. For verification purpo... View full article
  • How can I delete a FREE NOW Business Account?
    The deletion of a FREE NOW Business Account need to be requested by the administrator to the local Sales Agent affiliated to the FREE NOW Business Account*. After the official submit, we will proce... View full article
  • How can I move my profile to a different Business Account?
    To a different Business Account In case you have left a company and now want to join another one that also has a FREE NOW Business Account, you will need to request an invitation from your new acco... View full article
  • What can I do if I am having technical issues with my FREE NOW Business Account?
    If you are facing technical problems with the Admin Panel or the Web Booker, proceed with clearing the data/cache/cookies of your browser.  If you are facing troubles with the app, follow these... View full article
  • Can I use my Business Account abroad in other FREE NOW countries?
    If you have a credit card attached to your Business Account, you can enable the cross border billing option in the 'Payment' tab ('Trip settings' sub tab) of the Admin Panel. Simply tick the box be... View full article
  • Why I’m getting an error message when I try to book on my Business Account?
    If you’re unable to pay using your FREE NOW Business Account, we’d advise checking your app to see if you have any outstanding payments due*. In that case, you’ll be able to first clear these withi... View full article
  • How do I prevent a trip being taken out of the FREE NOW Business Account policy?
    In the Admin Panel, you count with different measures to prevent and avoid expenses not covered by your FREE NOW Business Account. If a passenger takes a corporate trip and then wants to take a per... View full article
  • How to proceed if there were fraudulent trips taken on my FREE NOW Business Account?
    If you have detected fraudulent trips made under your FREE NOW Business Account, please submit a request to our Support Team to check it properly.  Bear in mind that in some occasions, employees ha... View full article
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