• How do I use the Admin Panel?
    Our customer success manager Jimmy Pavesi breaks down all the tips and tricks to make the most of the admin panel.   View full article
  • Dashboard
    The Dashboard is the first thing you’ll see when you log in. You get a brief overview of your account: How many employees have been added/how many invitations are outstanding The number of trips t... View full article
  • Employees
    Employees   Moving on to employees, here is where you can find a full list of every account member, along with their roles, cost centres and custom values (if applicable). You can also use the sear... View full article
  • Cost Centres
    Cost Centres Cost centres are optional, you can choose to use them or not! They’re useful for allocating spend if your company does a lot of re-billing but also great for keeping track of in-house ... View full article
  • How do I make cost centres and references mandatory?
    How do I make cost centres and references mandatory?   To make these settings mandatory for employee travel, simply go to the ‘accounts’ section of the admin panel and then to ‘settings’.  Here, yo... View full article
  • Trips
    Trips   The ‘Trips’ section is where you can find the journey reports for your account. It updates once a trip is completed so you can easily access the details quickly should you need to contact u... View full article
  • Statements
    Statements   The statements section is where you’ll find your monthly invoices, regardless of whether you’re a credit card or invoice account. It lists the month, invoice number, total spend and nu... View full article
  • Account
    Account   The account section is where company and payment information is found, along with the settings for the account.   Information Here you will find: The company name and address (as we have... View full article
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