• What are the requirements to rent a scooter?
    To rent any of our electric scooters you don't need any previous experience. The only requirement is to be over 18 years old and to have a driving licence. Visit this article where we explain to yo... View full article
  • How to validate my driving licence for renting a scooter
    Before your first scooter rental, in line with Transport for London requirements, you will need to verify your driving licence. The process is guided, and you will usually have an answer within a f... View full article
  • Why is my driving licence being rejected?
    This can be due to a range of reasons, but you should be notified in the app of the specific issue. If the app is not listing a reason, tap to rent a vehicle and tap 'Find our more.' An orange warn... View full article
  • Where can I use the scooter?
    In London, you are only able to start and end rentals in the areas participating in Transport for London's scooter trial, who regulates the coverage area for scooters: Borough of Ealing Borough of... View full article
  • How to ride the scooter
    Once you have started the rental, you can jump on the scooter. But, before every ride, do a safety check: Are the brakes working? Pump them to make sure Are the tires undamaged? What about the ove... View full article
  • How do I unlock the scooter and start my rental?
    To unlock your scooter and start your rental using the FREE NOW app follow the steps below: Open the FREE NOW app and select the 2-Wheels tab Chose a scooter near you, or use the QR scanner to s... View full article
  • Where and how do I end my scooter rental?
    To end your scooter rental, you must first go to a 'Parking Zone': any designated parking area highlighted on the map with a blue 'P' 🔵 *. Plan your trip in advance and check that there are parkin... View full article
  • Can I pause my scooter rental?
    VOI Yes! You can pause your rental for up to 2 hours (after 2 hours, the rental will automatically end), so the scooter won’t be visible or available to other users. The cost of the pause mode is c... View full article
  • Why does my scooter slow down automatically?
    If your scooter has automatically slowed down during a ride in progress, this could be due to 3 different reasons: As part of Transport for London's scooter trial, certain areas can be deemed Go-... View full article
  • What should I do if my scooter runs out of battery?
    The remaining battery on your scooter is shown in the app prior to and during your rental. Be mindful that this is an estimate and may change based on real-world conditions such as weather and road... View full article
  • Why have I been charged a pre-authorisation for my scooter rental?
    When you rent any of our mobility services, for security reasons, a pre-authorisation hold is placed on your payment method, whether the rental is completed or not. A pre-authorisation is not a cha... View full article
  • Why I have been charged with a fine for my scooter rental?
    Fines are the responsibility of the user and should be settled via FREE NOW as per your scooter rental agreement. Sometimes, in accordance with our extra fees regulations, we can apply an additiona... View full article
  • How to report a payment issue with my rental
    The final price of your rental includes the minutes driven, the unlock fee and the parking fee. Always double-check this info breaking down the price in your app and in the invoice sent. If after ... View full article
  • What to do if I have a technical problem with my scooter
    If you are having any technical problems with the scooter itself, contact our provider directly to receive assistance: TIER https://www.tier.app/help/ support@tier.app +44 80 8164 9486 Voi  https... View full article
  • What should I do if I have an accident on my Scooter?
    Your safety is our number one concern, so all scooter trips are insured by our partners. If you have been involved in an accident, are injured or feel that you are in any danger, please, contact th... View full article
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