• How to calculate my drivers'pay?
    When calculating drivers' pay, the following should be taken into account: Value of journeys Quests, bonuses and other promotions Commission  Other charges (e.g. cancellation fees) View full article
  • How do I read/understand my invoice?
    Your invoices will be sent via email every Tuesday. Each invoice includes three PDFs that provide you with a breakdown of your jobs, earnings, etc. Overview Definition Key: Total number of tours -... View full article
  • How to read/understand my trip overview?
    Your tour overview page outlines the jobs completed during the period between your last invoice and your current invoice. It showcases a breakdown of date, payment method, and total (incl. tip), ti... View full article
  • I didn't receive my statement
    Your statements will be sent to the email registered to your FREE NOW driver account every Tuesday. If this wasn't sent to your main inbox, first check you junk folder in case it's been directed th... View full article
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