• When will I be paid?
    Payments will be processed once a week, every Tuesday. This will cover all trips from the week prior (Monday - Sunday).  Any cancellation fees or other credits will also be paid once a week with th... View full article
  • I haven’t received my payment
    Driver payments are now processed once a week, every Tuesday. This will include all work completed the week prior (Monday-Sunday). Each payment made to your bank account will be accompanied by a st... View full article
  • How to calculate my drivers pay
    N/A FOR UK   You can now download a fully comprehensive CSV file with a breakdown of your drivers’ earnings, making your calculations and payouts easy and efficient.   Simply follow these steps:... View full article
  • How do month-end payments and invoices work?
    Normally, the billing period is from Monday to Sunday (calendar week). In the case of the end of the month, the billing period will run from Monday to the last day of the month of the following wee... View full article
  • I think my payment was incorrect
    If you think your total payment for any week is incorrect, please let us know by contacting our Driver Care Team directly. They'll be happy to review it for you. Please note: You can be paid anytim... View full article
  • Why is the fare in my app different to the fare in my payment statement?
    Your payment for a FREE NOW trip will be less than the fare you see in the app. The fare you see is what the passenger is charged. We deduct a commission from the trip fare, and the amount shown in... View full article
  • I've received a negative adjustment. What does this mean?
    It is rare to receive a negative adjustment on your account, however, on occasion, this may happen due to: Deducting an overcharged amount on an incorrectly entered fare. Removing a fare where the... View full article
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