• How can I keep my information up-to-date?
    As a licensed dispatch operator, FREE NOW has a legal requirement to maintain up-to-date and accurate information on all drivers, at all times. If you need to change or update any infromation, you'... View full article
  • How can I change my phone number or email address?
    All changes to personal details such as your phone number or email address need to be applied by the FREE NOW Driver Care Team. If you are wanting to change/update your information please submit a ... View full article
  • How can I change my bank details?
    If you would like to change the bank details which FREE NOW uses for your twice-weekly payments, please contact our Drive Care Team. In your request, please include: Sort Code Account Number Accou... View full article
  • How can I change my driver photo?
    If you are wanting to change your driver profile photo, please contact our Driver Care Team directly. It's important that your photo is an accurate representation of your current appearance. It's y... View full article
  • How do I delete a vehicle from my account?
    If you're needing to add a new car to your FREE NOW driver account, all you'll need to do is update the existing information. Check out how to update your vehicle details.  If you have any further ... View full article
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