• Can I drive using a rental vehicle?
    The short answer is yes! You can use a rented vehicle on the FREE NOW app as long as the vehicle is fully insured and is licensed to carry passengers.​ If you change your rented vehicle, it is your... View full article
  • What are the requirements for joining FREE NOW as a driver?
    To join FREE NOW as a driver, you must hold a valid Hackney Carriage License, UK driver's license and vehicle license.  We require a photo of your Hackney Carriage License and driver's license whic... View full article
  • Can I share a driver account?
    The short answer is no! FREE NOW's terms and conditions do not allow for the sharing of driver accounts. Having another driver use your account is a serious breach of our terms and conditions. If w... View full article
  • Are other people (other than passengers) allowed in my vehicle?
    In the interest of safety and comfort for FREE NOW passengers, friends and family of drivers may not ride in their vehicle when they are working. If you're online, please ensure you don't have any ... View full article
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