• How can I check what fees I've earned?
    Currently, any cancellation fees or waiting fees that you've earned, will not be visible in your FREE NOW driver app. However, all fees that you earn are included in your payment invoices from FREE... View full article
  • What are waiting fees?
    When am I eligible for waiting fees? The passenger has two minutes of free waiting time, after 2 minutes they will be charged £0.25 per minute. It's important to note that you will only be eligibl... View full article
  • Are cancellation and waiting fees subject to surge pricing?
    The short answer is no! Cancellation and waiting fees do not surge during high demand periods. The cancellation fee will always be £5. Waiting Fees will always be charged at the standard rate of £... View full article
  • What is the Central London fee?
    We understand that there is a cost connected with driving in Transport for London's Congestion Charge zone.  To support FREE NOW drivers, we offer the Central London Fee. This is a £1 flat fee char... View full article
  • When will ride fees/bonuses/positive adjustments be paid?
    All ride adjustments are paid once per week along with your completed ride payments. These trip adjustments are not currently visible on your FREE NOW driver app. For example, an adjustment made on... View full article
  • What are the airport parking fees?
    Airport drop-off and pick-up parking charges are automatically reimbursed and shown in the trip summary of your app at the following rates: Drop off: Heathrow - £5.00 Gatwick - £5.00 Stansted - £7... View full article
  • I can't see my waiting fees on my ride payment details
    Waiting fees are paid to compensate you for the time spent waiting for a passenger at the pick-up location. Find more information about FREE NOW's waiting fee eligibility, here. Where can I see the... View full article
  • Can I be paid both cancellation and waiting fees on the same ride?
    In the event that a passenger cancels a booking while you're waiting for them at the pick-up point, you'll receive a cancellation fee. However, you won't receive any waiting fees, and the passenger... View full article
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