• Do FREE NOW offer trip bonuses?
    During busy periods FREE NOW offers driver bonuses. These bonuses normally require you to complete a certain number of total trips, or consecutive trips during a specified time period. These bonuse... View full article
  • What are FREE NOW's bonus terms and conditions?
    Bonuses are a discretionary payment and FREE NOW reserves the right to withhold payment in cases including, but not limited to: Coordinating offline with a user to receive a ride Completing rides ... View full article
  • How do FREE NOW tips work?
    Passengers have the option to tip directly from their app anytime before the payment has been processed. (Image 1 & 2)Tips can only be added as a percentage through the app; either 10%, 15% or 20% ... View full article
  • Where can I see my tips?
    You can see the exact tip amount for each trip in the 'Job' and 'Earnings Summary' screens. To be able to locate this please follow the steps below:  Click the menu button on the top right-hand si... View full article
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