• How is the fare calculated for pre-bookings?
    In order to ensure that the price for a pre-booking is set fairly, our system will forecast likely supply and demand conditions at the time of the pre-booking. The potential for surge at the time o... View full article
  • How is the fare calculated?
    Fixed fares for PHV rides on FREE NOW are calculated as follows: £2.50 base fare + £0.79/km + £0.13 per minute The total fare is then subject to any surge pricing and fees such as; cancellation fee... View full article
  • Do I get paid extra for taking an alternative route?
    The short answer is no. Our in-app navigation will automatically provide you with the best possible route based on factors such as distance, time, traffic and weather conditions. This should guide ... View full article
  • How much commission do I pay?
    Our current commission rate is set at 15% and includes the VAT that we pay. The commission is only charged on the fare amount so you will never pay commission on tips, bonuses and airport parking f... View full article
  • What's surge pricing?
    During periods of high demand, FREE NOW makes use of 'Surge Pricing'. 'Surge' means that there are more users ordering trips than there are drivers. To meet this increased demand, the price 'surge... View full article
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