• When will I be paid?
    From the start of September 2021, driver payments will be processed weekly every Tuesday covering all trips Monday - Sunday.  All cancellation fees, bonuses for eligible rides, waiting fees, airpor... View full article
  • How can I see what i've earned?
    You can view a summary of your earnings on FREE NOW via the Driver App. To find this summary please follow the steps below: Click the menu button on the top right-hand side of the home screen (Ima... View full article
  • How do month-end payments and invoices work?
    For the final pay period of each calendar month, you'll receive two invoices and two separate payments to your bank account: One invoice will cover the last remaining days of the previous month. T... View full article
  • What are adjustments?
    Adjustments are additional payments or deductions that are made to ensure your payment is correct. You can view a breakdown of any adjustments on your weekly invoice from FREE NOW.  Adjustments can... View full article
  • What are incomplete trip adjustments?
    Passengers will be reimbursed for trips that are incorrectly marked as complete, or partially reimbursed for trips that are shorter than the original destination. Our system shows the location of y... View full article
  • What are cancellation fee adjustments?
    We'll reimburse cancellation fees to the customer if, after review, we determine that the driver was at fault, and caused the customer to cancel and incur a fee. This can happen in the following ci... View full article
  • What are waiting fee adjustments?
    One of the most common complaints we receive from our passengers is drivers starting the waiting time before they've actually arrived: When the waiting time is activated too soon, this can result ... View full article
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