• Why join FREE NOW?
    As a FREE NOW PHV driver you'll gain access to more than 1.5 million passengers and a globally renowned app. With app features designed for your needs, as well as a locally-based Driver Care Team, ... View full article
  • How can I contact FREE NOW Driver Support?
    You can reach our Driver Care team by contacting them directly or visiting our Driver Centre in Whitechapel.  Our PHV Driver Centre will be open 5 days a week, Monday - Friday, between 10am - 1pm, ... View full article
  • Where do FREE NOW operate in the UK?
    FREE NOW PHV operates within London, zones 1-6 (excluding the district of Epping Forest) as well as the areas surrounding the following airports: Gatwick. Heathrow. London City. Luton. Stansted. ... View full article
  • Do FREE NOW offer different types of vehicles?
    We offer Taxis (Black Cab) and Private Hire Vehicles (Ride) via the FREE NOW app. Passengers requesting a private hire vehicle can choose between a standard ride and EV ride.  As part of our Green ... View full article
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