• What is the taxi service fee?
    The Service Fee is a small fee charged directly to the passenger by FREE NOW on certain black cab rides and goes towards making sure we can continue to provide fast, safe and quality service. Becau... View full article
  • How are fares calculated?
    Fares are charged by the meter. This is a requirement of the area FREE NOW operates in as per TfL/council regulations. Passengers are given an estimated upfront fare via their app, however, this is... View full article
  • How can I see what I've earned?
    You can view a summary of your earnings via the driver app. To find this summary please follow the steps below: Click the wallet button on the home screen menu Click on 'Earnings'. Here you will b... View full article
  • How much commission do I pay?
    Our current commission rate is set at 15% and includes the VAT that we pay. The commission is only charged on the fare amount, so you will never pay commission on tips, bonuses and airport parking ... View full article
  • Quests: Do you offer job bonuses?
    What are Quests? Great question! Quests are driver incentives that usually consist of a bonus offered to you if you complete x amount of trips within a certain time frame. To find 'Quests' in the ... View full article
  • How can I receive tips?
    Passengers have the option to tip directly from their app anytime before the payment has been processed. Tips can only be added as a percentage through the app; either 10%, 15% or 20% on top of th... View full article
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