• How can I download the summary statement for my business account?
    On the first of the month, we send Summary statements to the email address provided regardless of whether you have a credit card or a billing account. These statements can be downloaded at any time... View full article
  • How can I pay for the trips from my FREE NOW Business Account?
    For paying the expenses of your FREE NOW Business Account, choose among the 3 following options:  Monthly billing: Administrators will receive a summary statement* at the end of the month with all... View full article
  • How to read the monthly invoice of my business account?
    Every month, Administrators will receive an invoice with the sum of the tours done on their Business Account. The following model explains how to understand the fields and information gathered. Im... View full article
  • How can I modify the invoicing address?
    In case there was an error with the invoice billing address of your company trip, submit a request to our Support Team, so we can help you to update the information correctly and resend the invoice... View full article
  • What can I do if I've been incorrectly billed for my company trips?
    If you have found an error/discrepancy between a passenger invoice and the summary statement of your FREENOW Business Account, please submit a request to our Support Team. They'll forward your requ... View full article
  • Who can receive receipts of trips of a Business Account?
    Passengers will receive a detailed receipt at the end of every trip to the email address attached to their profile. Due to GDPR, we will need permission from the passenger who took the trip so that... View full article
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