• What are FREE NOW credits?
    FREE NOW credits are a value on your FREE NOW account that is automatically deducted from your fare on personal trips. Keep in mind that credits are different from vouchers/promo codes and loyalty ... View full article
  • Where can I see my FREE NOW credits on the app?
    Find your FREE NOW credit balance in the app by following the steps below: Open up the FREE NOW app and click on the profile icon in the top right corner (Image 1) Click on the 'Vouchers and credi... View full article
  • How can I get FREE NOW credits?
    FREE NOW credits are usually added following interactions with our Passenger Care Team. It's currently not possible for customers to add credits to their own accounts.   View full article
  • Why aren't my FREE NOW credits applying to my fare?
    FREE NOW credits are automatically applied to your trip. If you're having issues with your credits applying it could be due to one of the instances below: If you use the app as part of a FREE NOW ... View full article
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