• Can I travel in a FREE NOW vehicle with an animal?
    In short, FREE NOW drivers are required to accept service animals however, taking non-service animals are at the driver's discretion. Are you travelling with a non-service animal? If you plan to tr... View full article
  • Do you have wheelchair accessible vehicles?
    We are pleased to say that all of our Black Cab (Taxi) fleet is wheelchair accessible. At this moment in time, we have a standard fleet of Private Hire Vehicles (Ride). These vehicles are not wheel... View full article
  • Do FREE NOW drivers provide a baby seat?
    FREE NOW drivers are not required to provide baby seats. If you're travelling with young children and wish for them to travel in a child seat, you'll need to provide this yourself. For more informa... View full article
  • Can someone under 18 travel alone?
    Ride (PHV) Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult whilst travelling in a 'Ride' (PHV) booking. FREE NOW drivers may ask you to provide a valid ID and reserve the right to refuse your trip if yo... View full article
  • What booking options do FREE NOW offer?
    FREE NOW is the only app in London to offer both Black Cabs (Taxi) and Private Hire Vehicles (PHV) on one platform. When you book a trip with FREE NOW, you'll be able to choose between the two, wit... View full article
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