• PSD2: How online payments have changed in the EU
    Since 14th September 2019, the European Union is enforcing a new directive that makes online payments more secure, called PSD2. We welcome this change as our priority is to keep all data safe and a... View full article
  • Why do I need to verify my identity during the payment?
    This is part of the European regulation called PSD2 which aims at making online payments more secure. The banks will be required to verify the identity of their customers when their credit cards ar... View full article
  • How does this regulation affect my use of the FREE NOW app?
    The bank that issued your credit card may request an additional authentication check when you are processing payments online via FREE NOW.  If an authentication is needed, you will be redirected to... View full article
  • How do I proceed successfully with the 3D Secure check?
    Firstly, we recommend you look at the communication provided by your bank in relation to 3D Secure and follow their instructions. We also recommend you make sure that the information registered at ... View full article
  • When will I need to authenticate my payment?
    Depending on your bank, you might be asked to authenticate whenever you are triggering a payment. Triggering payments can include:  In cases where FREE NOW would perform a temporary hold based on... View full article
  • How can I be sure that my information is secured during the PSD2 process?
    The information related to your 3D Secure process as well as your credit card details are processed with a high level of encryption and handled by payment institutions with a high level of PCI DSS ... View full article
  • Why do I sometimes have to do a 3D Secure after ordering when the driver has not been allocated yet?
    Depending on the country in which you use FREE NOW, there could be an authorisation of the estimated payment amount upfront when you try to book the service.  A temporary hold is a temporary hold o... View full article
  • The 3D Secure identity check was not successful, what should I do?
    If your bank is requesting you to verify your identity when you are paying, it means that your credit/debit card is “enrolled” with 3DS. Depending on your credit/debit card configuration and your b... View full article
  • If my card check fails will I be blocked from the FREE NOW app?
    The short answer is no! If you failed to verify your identity when required by your bank, your payment will not succeed but you will still be able to use the FREE NOW app. You would simply need to ... View full article
  • What should I ask my bank if I fail the 3D Secure check?
      If you have been unsuccessful with your 3D Secure check while using the FREE NOW app we would recommend you to ask your bank/card provider what are the necessary steps in order to use your credit... View full article
  • How can I reduce the frequency of identity checks if I do not want to be bothered while using FREE NOW?
    It is your bank's decision to perform these identity checks and they are responsible for the frequency and the rules that apply to require these checks. We expect payments with a low amount (lower ... View full article
  • The card on my account belongs to a relative/partner, can I no longer use this card?
    Yes, you might run into some issues during the payment. The purpose of the identity checks requested by the bank is to confirm the identity of the cardholder. The bank uses information about the ca... View full article
  • I use Google Pay, Apple Pay or Paypal, do I need to worry about additional authentication?
    These payment solutions based on 'wallet' technology already provide a layer of security and strong customer authentication so if you are already using those payment methods, your experience of FRE... View full article
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