• How do I report an issue I had with my FREE NOW driver?
    If you've had an issue with your FREE NOW driver, our team would like to hear about it! Once a trip has been completed on the FREE NOW app, you have the option of rating the driver and vehicle, as ... View full article
  • My FREE NOW driver refused my trip
    The safety and security of our passengers and drivers is our number one priority at FREE NOW, therefore FREE NOW drivers can refuse a trip for a number of reasons: If you or someone in the group d... View full article
  • My driver took a longer route than expected
    We're sorry to hear you feel your FREE NOW driver took a longer route than expected! When a trip is booked via FREE NOW, our app will automatically calculate the best possible route based on factor... View full article
  • My driver wouldn't take an alternative route
    Taking an alternative route is at the driver's discretion, however, it's in the drivers best interests to take the quickest route possible. 'Ride' (PHV) trips are calculated by a fixed fare, meanin... View full article
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