• How can I refer friends to FREE NOW?
    For every friend you successfully refer to FREE NOW, you will each receive a FREE NOW voucher!  Want to know how? Check out the steps below to learn how to refer your friends:  Open up the FREE NO... View full article
  • How do I opt out of marketing emails?
    If you're wanting to opt-out of receiving updates from FREE NOW, you can do so very quickly in the app: Tap on the profile icon in the upper right-hand corner of the FREE NOW homepage (Image 1). S... View full article
  • How does my passenger rating work?
    Drivers have the ability to rate their passengers after every trip. The 'Rating' you see on your app is the average of all ratings you've received. You cannot see what individual drivers rated you.... View full article
  • Which driver's licenses are accepted for Car Sharing?
    We accept all valid German driver's licenses which have been held for a minimum of 1 year.Unfortunately, for insurance reasons, if you have held your license for less than 1 year you will not yet b... View full article
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