• How do I add a tip for my driver?
    You can always tip your driver during your journey. Once the trip is over, it is not possible).  On your trip screen, just below the status of the service, taxi type and payment method, you will be... View full article
  • How do I request a trip?
    Follow the steps below to successfully request a trip with us: First, check the app has picked up your pick-up location correctly (Image 1). If this isn't quite correct, or you wish to enter a dif... View full article
  • How do I make a 'Ride' prebooking?
    If you're unsure on how to make a prebooking on the FREE NOW app please select the fleet you wish to use below, and we'll walk you through prebooking step-by-step. Ride (PHV): Open up the FREE NOW... View full article
  • How do I make a 'Taxi' prebooking?
    Taxi (Black Cab)  Open up the FREE NOW app and enter your destination into the ‘Where are you going' tab.  This will take you through to the main fleet selection screen (Image 1). Select ‘Later’ t... View full article
  • How do I cancel a prebooking?
    If you wish to cancel your prebooking you'll be able to cancel free of charge anytime between the prebooking being made and the driver being dispatched to you. However, once the driver has been dis... View full article
  • How will I know when my prebooked trip is on its way?
    When you request an advance booking, it is not possible to know when or who will be able to accept it, as it is accepted manually by the drivers. But as soon as a taxi driver accepts your prebookin... View full article
  • I'm having trouble booking a trip
    Below are some of the reasons why you might be unable to order a trip with FREE NOW: Your selected payment method is not valid  - e.g. the card details are incorrect, you have insufficient funds i... View full article
  • How can I cancel a trip?
    Are you wanting to cancel your trip? Don't worry, this step is easy! To cancel your ride, all you have to do is click on the "Cancel Request" button at the bottom of the order screen (Image 1)  Co... View full article
  • How do I make a detour or add stops during my trip?
    Are you wanting to make a stop along the way or take a detour during your FREE NOW trip? This couldn't be easier! Follow the steps below on how to do this. During your trip, you will be shown a li... View full article
  • How do I select a payment method when ordering?
    Want to know how to select a payment method when ordering a trip? Check out our easy steps below: Open the FREE NOW app and enter your desired pick-up point and drop-off destination. Your payment ... View full article
  • Can I order a trip for someone else?
    Ordering a ride on behalf of someone else is not a problem! To do so, simply book the trip with your account (the fare will be debited from your account). Please note that if you are ordering a tri... View full article
  • Can I order a larger vehicle?
    The short answer is yes! All vehicles in our 'EV Black Cab' and 'XL Black Cab' fleet will offer enough space for 6 passengers. However, we don't currently offer larger vehicles in our 'Ride' (Priva... View full article
  • Can I order a more environmentally friendly vehicle?
    Yes! We offer a more environmentally-friendly alternative for both our Taxi and Ride (PHV) fleets. To order an electric Taxi, select our 'EV Black Cab' fleet. To order a Private Hire Vehicle (PHV)... View full article
  • How can I contact my driver once I've booked my trip?
    If you need to contact your driver before the trip begins, you have the option to call him/her as he/she approaches your pick-up destination. To contact the driver: Once you've been allocated a dr... View full article
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